Hand-Made tools for sound engineers. 

We are a Czech Republic company mainly focused

on the production of recording studio equipment.

Our purpose is to produce everything with exclusive care, 

great attention to detail, design and unique sound character.


Hand-Made tools for sound engineers

Special equipment requires special care - the small details of studio equipment count. Each
product is tested by our critical eyes and ears. We make everything possible by hand to
maintain exceptional quality. For parts that can't be made by hand, we use local European
companies renowned for their precise work.


Milan Vaculík
head of development

Electric guitar player, recording engineer.

Recording my own band was always something I wanted to do. With more and more recording experience I started thinking about building my own studio, studio gear and microphones. I wasn’t really happy with microphones around me so I decided to do something that fulfills my needs. As time went on I started designing my own microphone pcbs for myself and DIY friends across the world…


Jan Štýbl
company director

Bass and guitar player, producer, sound engineer.

Many years ago, when I was in a real recording studio for the first time, I couldn't stop thinking about building my own because I love it. I needed some equipment, so I made my first microphone preamplifier and started enjoying the colors of analog together with my band and musical friends. Very soon, designing studio equipment became my main hobby. Then I met Milan and everything fell together like a puzzle....

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