Special equipment requires special care - the small details of studio equipment count.

Each product is tested by our critical eyes and ears. We make everything possible by hand to
maintain exceptional quality. For parts that can't be made by hand, we use local European
companies renowned for their precise work.

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This is us.

Two friends with a common interest in building recording studio equipment decided to start a company after a long-term collaboration. Each with different knowledge and experience became the key..

We sometimes have the impression that telepathy is working between us.


What we got in store.

VAMI Nerdville.

Check with our nerdy community on Facebook. We talk about making stuff.

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Wanna hear it from the best?

I warmly recommend VAMI if you need good microphone and gear, I am an really happy customer. Their M49 and API 312 clones are amazing, and fit perfectly with my analog gears collection.

Stephane Lumbroso
sound engineer and producer (FRA)

I’ve enjoyed building microphone projects from vamisound. Milan is a very knowledgeable microphone profesional, but at the same time, down to earth fella. Support from him has been more than great, making DIY’in of these projects an enjoyable experience.

Bernardo Ortiz
mixing engineer (MEX)

I made 3 U87 and schopes pcb from vamisound, and they all sound fantastic. Amazing job. Great detail. And smart solution for great pcb clones together with NOS parts to fit in smaller mic bodies!!

Alexander Areteos
recording engineer (GRC)